VST Wrapper Builder

VSTWrapperBuilder is a new tool designed to get rid of common issues with old VST plugins.


  • Transform any VSTShell like (like Waves) in regular plugins
  • Wrap old plugins to work in latest DAW


you cannot let the original plugin in your VST directory. Only the wrapper must be used by the host. This is a requirement because the original plugin and the wrapper use the same identifier. Move the original plugin BEFORE generating the wrapper. The original plugin location is hard coded inside the wrapper. If you move the original plugin, the wrapper won’t be able to found it.


Download v2.1.1


Extract VSTShells

Transform any VSTShell like (like Waves) in regular plugins

Fix old plugins

Old plugins require the audio buffer to be cleared by the host. With recent host this is not done so your famous old plugin can no longer be used.

The solution is simple: generate a wrapper with VSTWrapperBuilder checking the column “Old” and that’s all ! it will work. The wrapper will fill the audio buffer properly.

Fix surround plugins

Force the plugin in surround mode if the DAW does not reconize it


Use Waves plugins in Premiere

It's the only solution to use Waves plugins in Premiere, because Premiere does NOT support VST Shell.