Hypercube Transcoder

This tool allow you to encode various audio content in MPEG multichannel audio format introduced by Phillips. Such mpeg audio files can be multiplexed with regular MPEG2 video stream to build 5.1 SVCD. It can also be used to decompress DTS and AC3.

MPEG Multichannel was the official European standard for multi channel DVD surround. However it is easily surpassed in terms of sound quality by both Dolby Digital and DTS. It was dropped in late 1997.

MPEG Multichannel can offer up to 7.1 real discrete audio channels. Currenlty Hypercube transcoder is able to produce only 5.1 channels.

  • If you are lucky, your equipment can play SVCD with MPEG-2 Multichannel audio tracks. Real 5.1 Surround Sound: Front Left, Center, Front Right, Rear Left, Rear Right and LFE.
  • If you are unlucky, your equipment can only play SVCD with MPEG-2 Stereo audio tracks. Front Left + Rear Left on Left speaker. Front Right + Rear Right on Right speaker Fantom Center appear between Left and Right speakers. LFE is gone ! Nothing on Rear speakers ! Nothing on Center speaker !
  • If you are very unlucky, your equipment can not play SVCD with MPEG-2 audio tracks. Nothing on all speakers !


  • DirectShow Filters support
  • RAW PCM output support


  • None
Download v3.0.5